Easy and Fun Recovery From Foot Surgery – Top Tips Revealed

So you did it; you successfully underwent the knife! A surgeon fixed your ankle ailment or foot. Now that his or her job is over, the ball is in your court. It's your turn to put in the best recovery effort.

Here are the top tips for a fun and easy recovery from foot surgery:


An overlooked aspect when it comes to foot surgery recovery is nutrition. Minerals and vitamins are important in helping your body to heal. In addition to assisting your body heal, minerals and vitamins are also handy because you'll be limited physically after operation thus being unable to burn off extra calories.

After your foot surgery, you need to adjust the intake of your calories. Always strive for healthier options.

Take rest

''Stay non-weight bearing'' is one of the things your doctor will advise you to do. It simply means that you keep weight off the ankle or foot as it heals.

Since your foot is in a weakened state already, you shouldn't make rehab more difficult by making it bear additional weight.

Additionally, you doctor will advise you to elevate your foot. Doing so helps decrease swelling.

Take care of your wound

It's rare to experience post-surgical complications. However, they happen. You should know which signs to be on the lookout for. Furthermore, always adhere to everything your doctor advices you regarding taking care of your wound or even changing your dressing.

If you happen to notice any symptom or sign of a problem, you need to call your doctor immediately.

Watch your thoughts

Normally, surgery can take a toll on you. To be specific, it takes a mental toll. After surgery, it's common to experience an array of post-op emotions. You can be anxious about limited mobility, get bored on the couch, stressed about missing work or school, or even get discouraged by your slow healing.

It's crucial to remain in a positive mental mindset after your foot surgery. Consequently, keep your brain constantly motivated.

Call a friend, do a crossword, or read a book. All these will keep you occupied and positively engaged.

Consider physical therapy and rehab

Are you truly interested in returning to your pre-injury form? If yes, then you really need to stick to your physical therapy or rehab schedule.

Since you're in control of your health, it's really up to you to put in the effort.

Talk to your physical therapist or doctor for the specific rehab exercises you need to undertake.

The above guidelines are handy at decreasing complications after your foot surgery. They'll help you speed up recovery process.